How to Get a Head Start in FIFA Mobile New Season

How to Get a Head Start in FIFA Mobile New Season

FIFA mobile is one of the most popular games with millions of players globally. The FIFA mobile new season is the latest update that you can enjoy playing with your mobile device. It is updated to bring great soccer game you cannot get anywhere else. It is possible for you to have free Christiano Ronaldo item in order to begin developing and managing your chosen team as you play. In addition, you can also do training to any player to attain high status, deal with opponents and get daily content regularly throughout the season. To ensure that you get the best experience, it is always important to get a head start. To assist you in this process, here are some of the ways on how to get a head start in FIFA Mobile new season. Continue reading “How to Get a Head Start in FIFA Mobile New Season”

NBA LIVE Mobile – An Opponent for NBA 2K in the mobile game market

NBA Live and NBA 2K have been the role model of NBA games since the the launch of them. Almost each NBA games player is one of those who play NBA Live or NBA 2K games around the world. Differing from the EA’s position on FIFA series, the number of NBA Live players on video game platforms is less than the number of NBA 2K series, which is also a problem that EA is very obsessed with.

From the perspective of game development, they are not that different between 2K and EA. We are not to analyse why NBA live is not as enjoyable as NBA 2K but just to mention NBA Live mobile game instead.

nba live and nba 2k18 which one is good

What is NBA Live Mobile?

Mobile games have been the main stream of games market in recent years and the reason is such easy: mobile phone is a common used device so that it has far more users than PS4/Xbox One. More and more non-player users start to play mobile games as Itunes store and google play platforms keep developing. And these mobile users become new game players. EA begin to launch their main sports games on mobile since the mobile game market keeps enlarging and the best of these sports games are NBA Live Mobile, Madden NFL mobile and FIFA mobile.

Superiority of NBA Live Mobile

As a NBA video game belong to EA, NBA live series has much more NBA resources, like real NBA data for leagues and players, official authorization of NBA league. None of the mobile games have an official NBA franchise before EA gets its hand on mobile game. The coming out of NBA live mobile makes mobile game players more exciting.

NBA LIVE also have New version in Video game market

Excellent Design for Game System

EA get many experience in designing game system. They know how much time players spend on mobile games and what players really demand, so that EA catch the significant point to design a mobile game that is more suitable to mobile players. To reach the needs from paying players and non-paying players EA also have two distinct game mode. Paying players are able to gain better and more excellent experience if they spend extra money on the game while non-paying players are required to spend more time. Only the NBA live cash and NBA live coins can keep a balance between the two kinds of players.

More tips and review about NBA live mobile auction house you can take a look at this video:

The currency in NBA live brings players more game fun since they can make their desire of getting rare players come true only if they collect NBA live coins. The auction house linked paying players and non-paying players together. For example, paying players can get more player cards through buying player packs and then they can sell the player cards on auction house to get nba live coins, which can level up various ability for player cards in return, making it getting more powerful. Non-paying players will get player cards sold by paying players if they pay for nba live coins. These two mode form a virtuous cycle and also extend the life of NBA live.

Although the sales of NBA live on PS4, XBOX one or PC is less than NBA 2K series, 2K do not see the popularity of mobile so NBA live mobile get the opportunity to make it more acclaimed. We are not talking about which one is more outstanding than the other one but to mention that EA attaches more importance to mobile game than 2K. Hope more superior video games can be launched on mobile in the future.

Assassin’s Creed-Origins double-layer encryption causes CPU load to increase?

Assassin's Creed-Origins

Recently, some media released the “Assassin’s Creed: Origins” performance analysis, from the results of the game need a very strong CPU, in order to ensure smooth operation, but they found a shocking result, “Assassin’s Creed: Origin” use the D-encryption system, will take up a lot of CPU usage, this data is about 30% -40%. Continue reading “Assassin’s Creed-Origins double-layer encryption causes CPU load to increase?”

Play it better! NBA live mobile game lineup tips

EA Sports recently launched NBA Live Mobile. It is an ideal game for people who are looking for action gaming that lacks the element of conflict and violence. The NBA Live Mobile Game is based on the actual NBA league matches as well as their style, which provides gamers with the rare opportunity of playing the role of their stars in the basketball game. The game is available all year round for all sports enthusiasts and avid gamers regardless of whether it is basketball season or it is offseason. This is good as it does not deprive NBA fans who are gamers the right to have throughout the year. This game is linked to the latest events and real news of the NBA to provide all gamers with an extra advantage of getting prepared for a similar action on mobile devices even if they are unable to attend the events.

NBA live mobile lineup tips

nba live mobile lineup tips Continue reading “Play it better! NBA live mobile game lineup tips”

Make the NBA into your poket why we say NBA live mobile is the best

Mobile games are becoming very realistic and millions of users are playing at least one such game. Currently, sport simulators are very popular, and you can find a mobile game for almost any sport. One of the most beloved game, found on the mobile platforms, is NBA LIVE. This basketball simulator has millions of fans and thousands of new players are joining it every day. If you want to play a realistic and engaging basketball simulator as well, then you should definitely join the NBA LIVE community. The following article aims to explain why people love to play NBA LIVE mobile game, and to present you some of its most interesting features.

Continue reading “Make the NBA into your poket why we say NBA live mobile is the best”

What are FIFA 18 Coins and What can they do in the FIFA 18 Game?

With legendary Cristiano Ronaldo embracing the cover of EA Sports FIFA 18 the game is expected to be as exciting and electric as the Portuguese striker. The game is set to be released on September 26th, 2017 globally and will be available on Xbox One (Scorpio), PS4 Pro, Xbox One, Ps4, PS3, Xbox 360, PC and Nintendo Switch. Although skill and talent is needed to navigate your favorite team through a difficult FIFA 18 schedule, having access to FIFA 18 Coins and knowing how to use them best in the new FIFA 18 Game will give you a competitive advantage over your friends.

fifa 18 new cover

For those that might be new to this game, FIFA 18 coins are the official online currency of EA Sports and this particular game. Without having access to these coins, it’s rather difficult to effectively play the game and build your players skills, develop team talent or even hire the right coaches, which naturally progresses your game play to a higher level. Continue reading “What are FIFA 18 Coins and What can they do in the FIFA 18 Game?”

Why a pro gaming mouse can increase your CSGO rank game win rates

As it pertains to operation of computers and laptops, mouse is very crucial. However, we may not have paid a lot of attention to quality along with the exact make to mouse so long as it would serve the point. Nonetheless, it is not the case with gaming computers because of apparent reasons. There are quite a few things to be considered as it pertains to selecting suitable gaming mouse especially for play with counter strike global offensive. Unlike common understanding and consider apart from sensors there are quite a few other items which should even be taken into account. Let’s take a look at the different points to bear in mind while selecting such special mice for games alone.

what is the best mouse for CSGO Continue reading “Why a pro gaming mouse can increase your CSGO rank game win rates”

Aim and get shoot, the easy guide for your CSGO game

The people may believe for example they shifted into the home that is redecorated. Hardcore lover will be caught by absolutely chart reconstructs off-guard, however the changes are for that exemplary the underpass choke position within the dust-like a good example, includes a completely new escape route. Eliminating in global offensive believe so great. The overall game is extremely focused on creating older beliefs in pattern modifications and spite marketplace that to achievement compels its option in brute. For that individuals who have been enjoying the overall game preceding, global offensive in perhaps seems completely for example counter strike. It exists to alter of the look of the sooner shooting that is intense.

csgo aim tips and guide Continue reading “Aim and get shoot, the easy guide for your CSGO game”

Read this before you buy CSGO skins

Counter-Strike Global Offensive is just one of typically the most popular FPS or first person shooter game makers Valve. It’s made news to get a betting scandal that involved specific Youtubers.

 What Are CSGO Weapon Skins
what is the csgo skins
For computer games, in general, a ‘skin’ is simply an alternative outfit for almost any character or item that’s a portion of the sport. In the sport Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, a ‘skin’, which will be also called a ‘finish’ is essentially a distinctive design of the weapons for one, such as, for instance, a firearm or a knife. Continue reading “Read this before you buy CSGO skins”

How about the Madden 17 career mode and what you will get in this mode

With each new edition of a sport video game comes a question relative to its preceding string making the question option chosen by its own producers as significant as the answer. Yet, for Madden 17 producers, their selection of the following reply and also questions functions as a reminder EA Sports is the dominant power in athletic game titles. With a variety of upgrades and inclusions coupled using a surprise new way (High-reel) make this variation of the Madden NFL season more real and captivatingly exciting.

Be the essential figure as your team cruises through the NFL tournament under none besides its franchise way that is astonishing as you create new play techniques and manage more choices. In addition, it offers you the liberty to inspire monumental glory out techniques for a brand new AI system that is defensive and also defensemen with all the astounding approaches in the type of imitation. Entire is precisely the way to best define this Madden 17 variant having been injected with brand new, innovative methods to play with its exclusive manners for example Ultimate Team and Draft Champ. Continue reading “How about the Madden 17 career mode and what you will get in this mode”