A beginner’s guide to playing rocket League


Rocket League is a game where you will have to play football while driving cars. It is not like the ordinary football games where you will have to score goals with your feet. Here you will have to buy expensive cars with good hit points. So here in this article, we are to guide you in this game. The beginner’s guide will comprise of all the simple strategies with fundamentals.

rocket league guide for beginners

A guide for the beginners who want play Rocket League Game

  1. In this game, you will have to gain the success quickly by minimizing the mistakes as well as capitalize on the little mistakes which your opponent does. Make sure that your opponent is scoring a goal only when they are performing spectacular skills and not when you are giving them an opportunity because of your dumb moves. They will be teams who will try to compete so make sure that you are not giving them an opportunity and if required try to be more defensive.
  2. The position is very important in this game. If you start from a very distant place then to secure a place from where you can shoot the ball will become quite impossible for you. So place your car between the ball and the goal so that you can easily disrupt the opponents and easily deflect the ball far from the goal. But your way of playing should be very much consistent in order to perform better shots.
  3. You can notice that there are many AI and Rookie players so will drive the ball towards their own goal instead of making a clearance. If you send the ball in the backward direction then it will make the situation worse. Always try to make the ball go towards the sides and near the goal of opponents team.
  4. As this game is more or less like soccer so always try to send the ball near to the box as good things may happen. You can try to center the ball from any corner and make the teammates run as it will increase the chances of your opponent to perform any wrong move. You will have to make moves to crash the box.
  5. You don’t have to play every single game. Always avoid the teammate that will knock you off of the ball when you are having a better position and angle and make you adjust just because they are not in a good position. Always provide space for the teammates and strategize well. There should be a player in the defending position and someone who will receive the ball should be in the middle.

Rocket League Crates For Newbies:

Crates are quite an important thing in this game as it contains many valuable items like the wheels, bodies, trails, decals, rocket boosts etc. It was incorporated in the game 2 years back. You can easily unlock these items with the help of the keys. When you will unlock any of it then it will provide you rare items. Crates have been categorized into 4 types namely- exotic, import, black market, very rare and rare. We highly recommend that you choose a reasonable and reliable website for Rocket league Items trading activities, such as: MMOROG.COM

In the beginning, you will have to learn all the moves. It is quite hard to control the ball with the car to learn the skills properly and choose the teammates wisely. You can also apply many tricks in order to score a goal and always opt for the car that has good hit point. Here in this game, you will also have to do aerial jump as it is very much useful but do not make the mistake of doing backflips again and again.