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More Info on Twitter?

Starting off, Twitter is basically a micro-blogging website. Here you can spread your views in a few words. Usually blogging consists of people setting up websites to share their views but here you already have a website and you just need your words and you just get few words to share your views or feeling.

Posting messages are often referred to as “Tweeting” and these messages are called “Tweets”. These tweets can be anything, any news, your feelings or anything relevant to anyone in this universe.

It all started in 2006 when Jack Dorsey came up with the idea “ to create an SMS-based communications platform in which friends could keep tabs on each other by updating statuses”.

Initially, it started as an SMS platform where 140 words were the limit due to mobile carriers.

However, later on, Twitter grew to become a web platform and they kept the word limit because it was aligned with the brand’s identity.

It’s pretty easy to use Twitter whether you are a broadcaster or receiver. You join with a free account and you get a username. Then you can just type in the text box and just tweet hourly, daily or whenever you like. People who follow you and who don’t will see your tweet in their news feed.

Initially the word limit was just 140 words but recently it got increased to 280 words per tweet.

If you are a subscriber then you just have to follow someone to keep your feed updated with their tweets and you can reply to that tweet, like or retweet that tweet.

We got that how to use it why people tweet why don’t they use Facebook or smoother website.

The reason is because of its microblog format. It’s a chance to shout out to the world and revel in how many people read their tweets.

With the growing number of Twitter users sending out meaningful tweets is creating real value for Twitter. It’s a quick stream of updates from the world. It encourages people to step up and share meaningfully with the world to be a journalist in their own world which is not possible with some other platform.

Basically, Twitter is a way to maintain a low-maintenance social connection with others and influence other people in a small or big way.

As everything, Twitter also got its drawbacks and one of the major drawbacks is it’s word limit only.

There’s a danger in using Twitter as your primary source of news, the limited character count, enables Twitter users to spread one-sided information without having the space to offer the full story.

Since this platform is blooming every day it’s important to keep an eye on what you see and identify what’s real and what’s fake because if not then Twitter can be the worst thing we have ever seen in history.

Twitter is growing exponentially and with major celebrities coming on this platform are encouraging their real-world followers to keep up with their idols and that way it’s creating a lot of user base for Twitter but as we said you have to keep an eye on everything because everyone doesn’t come to social media websites with nice intentions whether it’s Facebook, Instagram or its Twitter.

What is Twitter?

Want to know about the most trending news today, check it out on Twitter. So let’s start with a proper definition so that everyone will get introduced better and will know it better.

Twitter is the social networking site that allows the user to communicate with the world with short messages called tweets. One can also post a picture with their tweet but twitter is famous for the influence that it creates with powerful and impactful words used in the tweets. Twitter is used to explore different tweets of celebrity and other famous people and companies.

Hence it is often called Microblogging.

Seems interesting? So go on and get a twitter handle and you are all set to tweet.

So are you all set to use, no? There is a lot more to learn about it. So let’s go.

How does it work?

It is very easy like any other social networking site. Once you have finished making the account and have selected your unique twitter handle user name, it’s ready to be used. One can play two roles either a communicator through your tweets or a receiver of other tweets. You can tweet in a time interval on trendy topics or anything in your mind. It is advisable to tweet regularly as it helps you grow your twitter following. The more you tweet the more you are shown to others and the more are your chances to get famous. This website knows how to hack Instagram better than anyone else. If somebody follows you, every time you tweet it will show up in the respective person account. Similarly vice-versa. For more interesting tweets you can follow someone interesting people or even News Company like Times etc.

What can you tweet on?

One can tweet for any desired reason or out of boredom. But Twitter is not often used for the same, it is used to express your view on a certain topic or a particular event. Moreover, some may not use it for this purpose and can tweet anything that they may like.

It is a platform to put up your voice across the world. Hence always use it in an impactful manner.

Try and tweet on most of the most recent and relevant topic that is interesting to read.

On Tweeter it’s all about the words, hence be careful with your pen as we all know ‘’Pen is mightier than the sword’’.

Twitter as a form of Citizen Journalism.

You may be familiar with the term Citizen Journalism if not then it is a form of dissemination of news and information by the general public using the internet.

Twitter is one of the most effective ways of giving the opportunity to report or bring out to the world of any event that took place. Hence in this way, it gives a chance to every citizen to work as a journalist. It is also taken as evidence or record to analyze people’s reaction to a certain event or topic.

Twitter also serves as a marketing tool.

Every social media is serving this purpose, why will twitter be behind in giving this chance to the users. It is used as a platform to advertise products and services to others, and it works really well.

 This was some of the must-know facts about Twitter and there is much more to know than this. Want to know them all, start using it as the more you will explore the more will know.