Make the NBA into your poket why we say NBA live mobile is the best


Mobile games are becoming very realistic and millions of users are playing at least one such game. Currently, sport simulators are very popular, and you can find a mobile game for almost any sport. One of the most beloved game, found on the mobile platforms, is NBA LIVE. This basketball simulator has millions of fans and thousands of new players are joining it every day. If you want to play a realistic and engaging basketball simulator as well, then you should definitely join the NBA LIVE community. The following article aims to explain why people love to play NBA LIVE mobile game, and to present you some of its most interesting features.


1) Improved Graphics

When you download a mobile game, you expect some nice graphics. The creators of NBA LIVE put great value into this, and managed to create an incredibly realistic mobile game. You can see the high level of details from the moment you join the game, but it only gets better. The platform is using an improved 3D technology, which face scanned all the major players in NBA. In this game, you will notice how real the players look and you will even observe their happiness or anger reactions. The attention to details is very high and you can see even the inscriptions on the players’ shoes.

2) Customized Moves

Many players chose NBA LIVE over other games, for its freestyle moves. If other NBA mobile games have standard moves, this one has some customized controls, allowing the player to perform different shots, dribbling tricks, signature moves, passes and even celebrations. For the first time in an NBA simulator, you will feel like you’re in control, and not the software. Also, if you work hard and improve your players, you can teach them new tricks, or make them better in their position.

why you need play nba live mobile

3) Co-op Feature

There are many games who have multiplayer features but most of the time, they get boring and predictable. Still, at NBA LIVE, this isn’t the case. The Co-op feature of this game allows you to create a team of 5 players and play against your friends. Besides the players, your skills will be important as well, and they can make a difference between a lost game and a winning. More than that, you can team-up with your friends and compete against other people. It will be extremely entertaining to work together, in order to defeat your opponents.

4) Free to Play

nba live mobileAnother popular reason that makes NBA LIVE so popular is its price. The game is absolutely free to play and you will have access to all of its amazing features, without having to pay a dime. Of course, there are some premium options inside the game, but if you are a good player and constantly develop your team, you won’t need any of them.


NBA LIVE mobile is one of the most realistic and entertaining basketball simulators. Its level of details and its constant challenges will make you love it, and you will never want to play other basketball mobile game. Join this game today and understand why millions of other users have chosen as well.