NBA LIVE Mobile – An Opponent for NBA 2K in the mobile game market

NBA Live and NBA 2K have been the role model of NBA games since the the launch of them. Almost each NBA games player is one of those who play NBA Live or NBA 2K games around the world. Differing from the EA’s position on FIFA series, the number of NBA Live players on video game platforms is less than the number of NBA 2K series, which is also a problem that EA is very obsessed with.

From the perspective of game development, they are not that different between 2K and EA. We are not to analyse why NBA live is not as enjoyable as NBA 2K but just to mention NBA Live mobile game instead.

nba live and nba 2k18 which one is good

What is NBA Live Mobile?

Mobile games have been the main stream of games market in recent years and the reason is such easy: mobile phone is a common used device so that it has far more users than PS4/Xbox One. More and more non-player users start to play mobile games as Itunes store and google play platforms keep developing. And these mobile users become new game players. EA begin to launch their main sports games on mobile since the mobile game market keeps enlarging and the best of these sports games are NBA Live Mobile, Madden NFL mobile and FIFA mobile.

Superiority of NBA Live Mobile

As a NBA video game belong to EA, NBA live series has much more NBA resources, like real NBA data for leagues and players, official authorization of NBA league. None of the mobile games have an official NBA franchise before EA gets its hand on mobile game. The coming out of NBA live mobile makes mobile game players more exciting.

NBA LIVE also have New version in Video game market

Excellent Design for Game System

EA get many experience in designing game system. They know how much time players spend on mobile games and what players really demand, so that EA catch the significant point to design a mobile game that is more suitable to mobile players. To reach the needs from paying players and non-paying players EA also have two distinct game mode. Paying players are able to gain better and more excellent experience if they spend extra money on the game while non-paying players are required to spend more time. Only the NBA live cash and NBA live coins can keep a balance between the two kinds of players.

More tips and review about NBA live mobile auction house you can take a look at this video:

The currency in NBA live brings players more game fun since they can make their desire of getting rare players come true only if they collect NBA live coins. The auction house linked paying players and non-paying players together. For example, paying players can get more player cards through buying player packs and then they can sell the player cards on auction house to get nba live coins, which can level up various ability for player cards in return, making it getting more powerful. Non-paying players will get player cards sold by paying players if they pay for nba live coins. These two mode form a virtuous cycle and also extend the life of NBA live.

Although the sales of NBA live on PS4, XBOX one or PC is less than NBA 2K series, 2K do not see the popularity of mobile so NBA live mobile get the opportunity to make it more acclaimed. We are not talking about which one is more outstanding than the other one but to mention that EA attaches more importance to mobile game than 2K. Hope more superior video games can be launched on mobile in the future.